Expect more Reggie next season.


Breaking news from the NBA: TNT analyst Doug Collins is returning to coaching.

Collins, regarded as one of the better NBA analysts, will coach the Chicago Bulls next season. Collins is currently serving as the lead analyst on TNT’s Western Conference Final coverage.

This marks the second straight year TNT has lost one its lead analysts. Steve Kerr left the booth last year to get a headstart on the Phoenix Suns rebuilding process.

Expect Collins to call the rest of the Western Conference Finals; last year, Kerr stayed in the booth for the final game of the Pistons/Cavaliers series, despite announcing that he would take the Suns’ General Manager position. In 2001, Collins (then with NBC) stayed in the booth through the NBA Finals after being hired by the Washington Wizards.

Where does this leave TNT? Collins and Kevin Harlan made up a solid back-up announcing team for four years, and Collins has been on TNT’s Conference Final broadcast team for the same amount of time.

Look for TNT to either move Mike Fratello to the #2 team with Harlan next season, or add a new analyst to the booth. Perhaps TNT could snatch Orlando Magic analyst Matt Guokas, formerly of NBC, or even Greg Anthony, who is rumored to be in the final year of his contract with ESPN and now rarely makes appearances on the network.

  • Anonymous

    WOW! NOW ESPN/ABC Coverags is way better. TNT better pray they keep their studio show together forever because their coverage now will be clearly below ESPN/ABC!

  • Anonymous


    Paulsen, what do you think about this article written by Jason Whitlock? He’s saying that the reason why ratings are up is mostly because players who are in the NBA’s Final Four have less tatoos than players playing on other teams

    I think this is a load of garbage (also considering that ratings were up even during the regular season). If people let tattoos stopping them from watching a basketball game, then they are not huge fans to begin with.

    Besides, people make it sound like NBA players are the only people in the world sporting tattoos. Hmmm, I see lots of actors, singers, sports stars sporting tattoos (how about soccer player Beckham? He was at the Lakers game and he sported lots of tattoos all over his arms). Heck, lots of NFL, MLB players have tattoos. The only difference is that people don’t see them since, unlike basketball players, they don’t play, shall we say, “half-naked”.

    Also, I want to say that I don’t like tattoos but this doesn’t stop me from watching basketball. And no one of the people I know is watching the NBA because players playing in the conference finals don’t have many tattoos. They are watching it because they like basketball.

  • Paulsen


    Somewhere along the line, I stopped caring about Jason Whitlock’s opinions.

    This isn’t directed at you, but I believe getting angry because an idiot says something idiotic makes you the idiot.

    – Paulsen

  • Anonymous

    “This isn’t directed at you, but I believe getting angry because an idiot says something idiotic makes you the idiot”.

    – Paulsen

    haha I gotta agree with you lol

  • Riggs

    I say go with Steve “Snapper” Jones. Didn’t he used to do the games with Marv back in their NBC days?