Musburger Takes Issue With Steroid Coverage


ESPN/ABC broadcaster Brent Musburger took issue with the way steroids have been covered by the media in a discussion with journalism students Tuesday.

“[Journalists] come in with a negative view and they take it from there,” Musburger told students at the University of Montana, according to The Missoulian. “I’ve had somebody say that, you know, steroids should be banned because they’re not healthy for you. … Let’s go find out. What do the doctors actually think about anabolic steroids and the use by athletes? Don’t have a preconceived notion that this is right or this is wrong.”

Musburger brought up Lance Armstrong, who is being investigated by federal prosecutors as part of an probe into “suspected doping and fraud in professional cycling.”

“[Armstrong] came through cancer treatment, and I think all of us have had somebody that has been touched by cancer. Steroids are a very valuable part of the treatment. But when it came to athletics, they had a very black mark around them.”

Though he did discourage steroid use among high school athletes, Musburger said that “under the proper care and doctor’s advice, they could be used at the professional level.”

(The Missoulian; Armstrong information from New York Times)