The Ratings Game: Local LCS Ratings


Recent sports TV ratings news, including local ratings for Game 3 of the ALCS in Dallas-Ft. Worth and New York, and ratings for Games 1 and 2 of the NLCS in San Francisco and Philadelphia.

  • Monday night’s Rangers/Yankees Game 3 drew a 14.5 rating in the New York market, down 14% from last year’s afternoon Yankees/Angels Game 3 on FOX, but up 31% from Saturday’s afternoon Yankees/Rangers Game 2 (11.1). The game drew a 22.1 rating in the Dallas-Ft. Worth market, up 42% from Game 2 (15.6). Game 3 hit a series-high in both markets. (Turner Sports)
  • Game 1 of the Giants/Phillies NLCS on FOX drew a 26.0 rating in the Philadelphia market Saturday night, down 10% from Game 1 of last year’s Phillies/Dodgers NLCS on TBS (28.8). Sunday’s Game 2 drew substantially higher 33.9; local ratings for last year’s Game 2 were not available. (Fang’s Bites)
  • The Giants/Phillies opener drew a 20.5 rating in the San Francisco market, down 1% compared to Giants/Cardinals Game 1 on FOX in 2002 (20.8), the last time the team made the LCS. Sunday’s Game 2 drew a 22.2 in the market, up 13% from Giants/Cardinals Game 2 in ’02 (19.7). (Fang’s Bites)