Bowls: 7.6 Overnight For Outback Bowl on ABC


One of only three college football bowl games to air on broadcast television this year, the Outback Bowl earned massive numbers on ABC Saturday afternoon.

Florida’s victory over Penn State in the Outback Bowl drew a 7.6 overnight rating on ABC Saturday afternoon, up 105% from last year (NWSTN/AUB: 3.7, ESPN), and up 171% from 2008 (SC/IOWA: 2.8, ESPN).

Prior to this year, ABC aired the Capital One Bowl in the 1 PM New Year’s Day timeslot. Compared to those games, Saturday’s matchup was up 10% from last year from last year (PSU/LSU: 6.9), and up 6% from 2008 (UGA/MSU: 7.2).

This marks the highest overnight for a non-BCS college football bowl on broadcast television since 2008, when the Capital One Bowl drew a 9.9.

The 7.6 overnight is the highest of the season for college football on broadcast television, topping the previous high set by Alabama/Auburn on CBS during the regular season (7.5).

Impressively, the Outback Bowl drew a higher overnight than the BCS Fiesta Bowl on ESPN later that night (6.7).

(Overnight from Sports Business Daily)