Knicks Ratings Up 60% on MSG; Wednesday’s Game Hits 16-Year High

Posted by | February 24, 2011 at 8:20 PM

Boosted by a pair of high profile acquisitions, local ratings for Knicks games are up 60% this season.

Through 52 games, Knicks telecasts are averaging a 1.62 rating on MSG Network in the New York market, up 60% from last year (1.01).

The 29-26 Knicks, aided by newcomers Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony, are on pace to make the playoffs for the first time in seven years.

Wednesday’s Bucks/Knicks game, Anthony’s Knick debut, earned a 6.75 rating — the highest for a regular season Knicks game on MSG since March 1995 (CHI/NY: 6.78).

The 1995 game was Michael Jordan‘s first in New York after returning from retirement.


  • jakefrankie1

    Wow I saw the game it was a fanastic debut for Melo. Knicks are back

  • Bill ley

    How does this compare to Yanks games?

    • Paulsen

      Not well. Through the midpoint of the 2010 MLB season, the Yankees were averaging a 4.4 on YES Network.

  • Nbahoops2011

    I came up across this post on The Score in which they talked about Buzz Bissinger’s article on the NBA losing popularity (which is kinda ironic how this moron pretends to know how the league is doing when he even admits he isn’t even watching the games..goes to show what kind of people us NBA fans have to deal with…and obviously just proves my point that NBA haters are people who don’t even watch the league and just base their opinions on the same old overused steretoypes, which is what happens since the NBA was born in the 1950′s, sadly). The article I linked to does a great job in destroying Buzz’s points, but I’d like to know if you actually came across Bissinger’s article.

    • Paulsen

      Yes, I saw the article in question. Not much to say about it. It’s the same old, same old one comes to expect from the sports media.

      • JakeFrankie1

        The NBA’s image has to be improving you never see any fights or off the court issues as much at all. Take the Gilbert thing out The NBA has been clean for 6 years.
        It’s 2011 a lot of MLB,NFL,NBA,Soccer,NHL players Have tattoos it’s not 1980 anymore were very few people in sports had tattoos if any.
        It’s funny it’s always a bitter old guy bashing the league, very funny times change move on.

        Since the Formation of the BIG 3 in the summer of 2007,I think the NBA has been fantastic Im speaking of the BOSTON Big 3 they were talk of the sports world in 2008, Lebron-Cavs storyline, 2009 1st round (greatest playoff series ever Bulls vs Celtics), 2010 Finals one of the greatest finals ever. Now Formation of Bron-Bosh-Wade, Carmelo to NY, The NBA is doing great.

        • Paulsen

          The NBA’s negative image seems to be a fairly permanent condition. Remember, reality always takes a backseat to perception.

        • Nbahoops2011

          But does it really matter if it’s improved or not? People out there (mostly old white men, the same ones who -when they were younger- gave the NBA a hard time back in the ’60′s ’70s etc. claiming the league wasn’t going to survive..funny how that turned out, huh? considering the league is alive and well with a huge following, both domestically and internationally) don’t realize it to begin with and keep judging the league by basing their opinion on their little preconceived, racist (and for the record, I’m white) notions. Those losers enjoy blasting the league and its players regardless of what they do or say. They hate it on principle.
          Let’s just call it the NBA’s “Lost Generation”, the generation that never really cared about the NBA to begin with (other than maybe the ’80s because of Larry Bird..enough said) and whose favorite sport is dissing the league..and I know that among those people there are many old sports columnists, such as the Hat Guy on NBC who last year ranted against the NBA playoffs in one of the most ignorant, false and disgusting articles I’ve ever read and admitted the only reason he wrote a column about the league was because his editor asked him to..way to steal money to your boss and potential jobs to the many great, young and upcoming NBA bloggers who’re out there, people who really appreciate the game.
          The league can have guys getting in trouble on a daily basis just like it can have zero relevant off-the-court incidents for years, but the perception is never going to change. Those people, with very few exceptions here and there, have already made up their minds both about the NBA product and its players, and are not going to change it, even if you show them evidence. It’s called prejudice.
          And, frankly, it’s their loss.
          I also don’t really understand this whole race thing some people seem to constantly be obsessed with. It’s just BEYOND me. TRUE basketball fans don’t give a crap whether a player is white, black, green, red etc. If you love the game you watch. But it’s crazy that those haters are still there whining about the lack of great white American players (hey, forgot about Kevin Love already?), in 2011 NO LESS!! (what is this, you old bitter people, the ’50′s all over again? ) and use it as a reason to dislike the NBA. If they need a white superstar to be entertained, then they’ve never been big fans to begin with..and oh yeah, I guess they are racists, too, toward European guys since there are several white Euro guys who play phenomenal basketball and are a pleasure to watch. I guess it’s just not enough to some people.

          End of rant..but there’s enough stuff to write a book about this whole thing.

          • JakeFrankie1

            Just Remember one thing the NBA IS on there minds because why would they waste time on it write about it, Give NBA the time of the Day.

            If you hate the NBA why would you write about it? Makes No sense they just want something to complain about, I hate the MLB don’t watch it have no intrest, Am I going to go to MLB sites and bash the league no? I could care less.

            I know for FACT the NBA is doing fantastic this season in every aspect of Business, Basketball is the 2nd Most popular sport in the World only behind Soccer.

  • JakeFrankie1

    NBAhoops Buzz is a moron, 2 out of the last 3 NBA finals outdrew the WS, National NBA tv ratings beats MLB,NHL or College Basketball (unless it’s March Madness).

    The guy is a moron he’s angry there’s no Larry Bird in the league where the media can kiss up too, NBA will always have to deal with this. NFL does deal with this stuff but not as much as the NBA. Steve Nash,Dirk,Love,Manu,Gasol Brothers,Jason Kidd there are several white guys who are doing well in the NBA.

    Just remember this guy ” Buzz Bissinger DOES Care about the NBA”, Because if he hated the NBA why would he give the NBA publicity and write about it if it was a waste of time.

  • Hrana Cc

    The NBA is a better product when the Knicks are good