Local NBA Ratings: Bulls, Celtics Up Huge For Comcast


Not surprisingly, considering their successful seasons, the Celtics and Bulls by far led the way among Comcast-affiliated NBA teams in ratings during the 2010-11 season.

Regular season Bulls games averaged a 4.50 rating on Comcast SportsNet Chicago during the 2010-11 season, up a whopping 90% from last year (2.37), and up 122% from 2008-09 (2.03). This marks the highest rated Bulls season a Chicago RSN since 1997-98, the last time the team won the NBA Finals.

The 18 highest rated Bulls games on CSN Chicago (dates back to 2004) took place this season alone. Sixteen games drew at least a 5.0 rating; zero games on CSN hit that mark prior to this season.

After being outdrawn by the Blackhawks last year, the Bulls easily won the ratings battle this season (4.50 to 2.78).

Over in Boston, Celtics games averaged a 4.70 rating on CSN New England during the regular season, up 54% from last year (3.06). Of the Comcast-affiliated NBA teams, the Celtics had the highest average rating.

In Philadelphia, Sixers telecasts averaged a 1.59 rating, up 29% from last year (1.23). Unlike the Bulls, the Sixers were no match in the ratings for their NHL rivals, the Flyers (2.37).

The Warriors were the only other NBA team on one of the CSN networks to have an increase in ratings. The team’s 1.45 rating on CSN Bay Area was up 6% from last year (1.37).

Ratings declined for the Trail Blazers, Kings and Wizards. In Portland, Trail Blazer games averaged 3.45 rating, down 4% from last year (3.59).

In Sacramento, Kings games averaged a 1.78 rating, down 16% from last year (2.11). Keep in mind there has been considerable uncertainty over whether the Kings will remain in the city next season.

Finally, Wizards games averaged a 1.12 rating, down 3% from last year (1.16). Like the Sixers, the Wizards were outdrawn by their NHL counterpart this season.

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(Numbers from Comcast; additional information for Bulls games from csnchicago.com)