Comcast SportsNet to be Renamed with NBC Sports Brand


Comcast’s various regional sports networks will soon bear the NBC Sports brand.

The Comcast SportsNet RSNs will be renamed using the NBC Sports brand, NBC Sports Group chairman Dick Ebersol reportedly said last month. No timeframe was given for the rebranding.

According to Ebersol, the RSNs would be renamed “[s]omething like ‘NBC Sports Philadelphia,’ ‘NBC Sports Chicago,’ etc” (, 5/4).

Comcast’s national sports cable network, Versus, is expected to be renamed sometime this summer, also using the NBC Sports brand.

(Information from, via Fang’s Bites)

  • Midstatesports

    I am glad that Comcast isn’t blowing up the NBC branding. It would actually bring more name recognition to its products offered on cable.

    The biggest thing is dumping the “VS” name.

  • Anonymous

    Let me get this right: NBC Sports Chicago (CSN Chicago); NBC Sports Philadelphia (CSN Phily); NBC Sports Baltimore (CSN Baltimore); NBC Sports Bay Area (CSN Bay Area); NBC Sports California (CSN California); NBC Sports New England (CSN New England); NBC Sports Southeast (CSS); NBC Sports New York (SNY); NBC Sports Northwest (CSN Northwest); NBC Sports Washington (CSN Washington). I’ve got all of that right so far, right? So what will Versus become? Maybe “NBC Sports Network” (NBCSN) to keep with ESPN.

  • Matt

    They should simply re-brand Versus as “NBC Sports” to go along with the already in existence “Universal Sports” cable channel. They then could re-brand the Comcast Sportsnet regional channels as “NBC Sportsnet” regional channels. Renaming Versus as NBC Sports would transform the “NBC Sports” brand from being simply the sports division of the NBC network to the sports wing of the entire NBCUniversal company. NBC Sports would become to Comcast what ESPN has become for Disney: an all-encompassing sports brand.