FOX Hits Three-Year Ratings High For Primetime MLB


A primetime slate of high-profile interleague matchups gave FOX its highest Major League Baseball rating in nearly three years.

Regional MLB action featuring Mets/Yankees earned a 2.8 final rating and 4.551 million viewers on FOX May 21, up 65% in ratings and 82% in viewership from afternoon coverage last year (STL/CHC*: 1.7, 2.504M).

The 2.8 rating is tied as the highest for regular season baseball on FOX since July 2008 (BOS/NYY*: 3.0). In addition, the 4.551 million viewers is the most for regular season coverage since August 2009 (BOS/NYY*: 4.579M).

So far this season, four MLB telecasts on FOX have had increases in ratings, and five have had increases in viewership.

(Asterisk indicates featured game of regional window. Numbers from Son of the Bronx)

  • Jlasoon

    All these claims about MLB & baseball being dead are idiotic. 4.5 million viewers for regional regular season baseball on a Saturday night in May is pretty incredible if you ask me. Outside football, what other sport could pull in such numbers for a meaningless regular season affair? 

  • Bessilver

    Uh, Jlasoon.  I hate to temper your enthusiasm, but there has been several meaningless regular season NBA games that have far exceeded MLB’s ratings/viewership between Mets/Yankees.  First game of year between Miami vs Boston garnered a 4.6 TV rating, 7.43M viewers.  Miami vs Cleveland received a 4.2 rating, 7.1M viewers,  Miami Heat vs LAL I drew a 6.4 US HH rating, 10.89M viewers.  Celts vs Orlando got a 4.6, 7.4M viewers.  Atleast half of these games were on cable (TNT).   

    • Jlasoon

      X-mas games or season openers? <—————Show me strong numbers on a saturday night in Oct, Nov, Dec (except X-mas), Jan, Feb for the NBA. Remember Saturday night is the weakest night on TV. 

      • JakeFrankie

        Both the NBA and MLB are strong ratings draws. No point in saying which is better, That 2.4 is just off the 2.7 the Stanley cup game 1. 

        MLB’s local rating are always strong, There national tv ratings have been getting lower. But it’s still higher than much higher than NHL. Just because MLB’s national ratings are going down doesn’t mean it’s dieing. 

        I love when people say MLB is dieing when they got a 8.5 for the WS in 2011, People it’s not 1985 anymore. There near thousands of channels now a days, Your not going to  see the ratings of the past. But that doesn’t mean the sport is dieing, It’s a different era. I’m a Huge NBA fan, But I say it like it is MLB is fine.