NBA Playoffs: Mixed Numbers For Games 3 and 4 of Mavericks/Thunder


The fourth game of the Mavericks/Thunder Western Conference Finals hit a series-high in viewership, but was still down from last year’s comparable game.

Monday’s overtime Game 4 between the Mavericks and Thunder earned a 4.6 U.S. rating and 7.410 million viewers on ESPN, down 6% in ratings and 7% in viewership from last year’s comparable game, which also went to overtime (ORL/BOS G4: 4.9, 7.960M), and down 21% and 24%, respectively, from 2009 (LAL/DEN G4: 5.8, 9.731M).

Compared to Game 4 of last year’s West Finals on TNT (LAL/PHX G4: 4.9, 7.641M), Monday’s game was down 6% and 3%, respectively.

Despite the decline, the game ranks as the second-highest rated Western Conference Finals game since 2000 that did not involve the Lakers, behind only Suns/Spurs Game 4 on ABC in 2005 (4.7). Of note, this year’s game drew more viewers than that 2005 matchup (7.100M).

Game 3 Up, But Hits Series Low: Conversely, Saturday’s Game 3 hit a series-low in viewership, but was up from last year.

Mavericks/Thunder Game 3 drew a 3.7 U.S. rating and 6.175 million viewers on ESPN, flat in ratings and up 3% in viewership from last year (ORL/BOS G3: 3.7, 6.023M), and down 32% and 29%, respectively, from 2009 (LAL/DEN G3: 5.4, 8.731M, ABC).

Saturday’s game was also down 26% and 27%, respectively, from Game 3 of last year’s West Finals on TNT (LAL/PHX G3: 5.0, 8.460M).

Game 3 earned a 24.1 rating in Oklahoma City, and Game 4 set a record with a 27.0. Ratings in the Dallas-Ft. Worth market were not immediately available.

(Game 4 numbers from TV By the Numbers, Game 3 numbers from TV By the Numbers, Media Life Magazine, local numbers from The Oklahoman)

  • JakeFrankie

    If both the Heat-Bulls and Thunder-Mavs series end in five games, the NBA Finals will begin on Tuesday May 31 (ABC, 9ET).