FOX Concludes Primetime MLB Run With Another Increase


FOX earned solid ratings for a slate of six regional MLB telecasts last Saturday night.

Regional MLB action featuring Cardinals/Rockies drew a 2.4 final rating and 3.799 million viewers on FOX last Saturday, up 71% in ratings and 79% in viewership from the network’s ninth MLB telecast last year (TB/TEX*: 1.4, 2.126M), and up 60% and 70%, respectively, from the ninth telecast in 2009 (PHI/LAD*: 1.5, 2.230M).

The telecast was the lowest rated and least-viewed of the three straight primetime windows on FOX.

The primetime windows were a success for FOX. Two of the three were up well over 50% in both ratings and viewership compared to last year, and the third was down only slightly. The three telecasts drew more viewers than all but one MLB regular season window on FOX last year.

Already this season, four MLB telecasts on FOX have drawn at least 3.5 million viewers, compared to just three such telecasts all of last season. Five of the network’s nine telecasts have had increases in ratings, and six have had increases in viewership.

(This week’s numbers courtesy Robert Seidman, TV By the Numbers)

  • Anonymous

    Fox actually did it right for 5/28. Six games were scheduled, mainly on a rivalry or regional basis. The so-called featured game went to only 25% of the country. When Cardinals-Rockies became a blowout early, Fox sent most of that network to Reds-Braves in Atlanta. Red Sox-Tigers was rained out so that network saw Angels-Twins, which featured a near no-hitter.

    The low rating and small audience was because of Memorial Day weekend.