Stanley Cup Final: Game 1 Overnight Hits 12-Year High


Despite the presence of a Canadian team, Game 1 of the 2011 Stanley Cup Final hit a 12-year high in overnight ratings.

Wednesday’s Bruins/Canucks Game 1 earned a 3.2 overnight rating on NBC, up 14% from last year (PHI/CHI G1: 2.8), up 28% from 2009 (PIT/DET G1: 2.5), and the highest for Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final since 1999 (BUF/DAL G1: 3.7, FOX).

Keep in mind that Game 1 aired on a Saturday night both last year and in 2009. In addition, Game 1 aired on cable each year from 2000 to 2008.

The last time a Canadian team was in the Stanley Cup Final (2007), Game 1 drew a 0.6 overnight rating on Versus. During that series, NBC drew overnight ratings of 1.5 (Game 3), 2.3 (Game 4), and 2.5 (Game 5).

Game 1 drew a 25.5 rating in Boston. For some perspective, Game 1 of last year’s Lakers/Celtics NBA Finals drew a 19.1 in the market.

(Numbers from Puck the Media)

  • JakeFrankie

    Keep in Mind NBA Finals games started around 9:10 in Boston when the Stanley Cup games are from 8 pm I think that has a little to do with the rating.

    But Bruins local ratings have always been good.

    • Paulsen

      Boston’s not a particularly good NBA market. The league fell off a cliff there when the Celtics weren’t doing well in the 1990s and 2000s. No surprise here that the Bruins did better last night.

  • P

    In 2010-11, regular season ratings for the Celtics ( 4.7 ) were higher than the Bruins ( 3.1 ). Also the Celtics were blown out in game 1 while the Bruins lost a game in the final seconds. That also could be part of the season for the difference in ratings.