WNBA All-Star Game Up Big, Most-Viewed Since 2007


The overall numbers were minuscule, but the WNBA All-Star Game had a massive increase in viewership on ABC last weekend.

The 2011 WNBA All-Star Game earned a 0.54 final rating and 756,000 viewers on ABC Saturday, up 59% in ratings and 76% in viewership from last year’s game on ESPN (0.34, 429K), and up 35% and 46%, respectively, from the 2009 game on ABC (0.40, 519K).

Saturday’s game ranks as the highest rated, most-viewed WNBA All-Star Game since 2007 (0.69, 950K, ABC). The most-viewed WNBA All-Star Game in history (2003) earned 1.441 million viewers.

Though up substantially from recent years, the WNBA All-Star Game still ranked as the weekend’s third-least viewed sporting event on the Big Four (ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX). The only events to fare worse were two Dew Tour windows on NBC.

(This year’s numbers courtesy Robert Seidman, TV By the Numbers)