Ratings: ‘The T.O. Show’, MLB on FOX, Pittsburgh Pirates


Recent sports TV ratings news, including the season premiere of The T.O. Show and local and national ratings for Major League Baseball on FOX.

  • T.O. Show Premiere Down: Season three of The T.O. Show premiered with 1.508 million viewers on VH1 Monday night, down 7% from last year’s season premiere (1.632M), but up 24% from the series premiere in 2009 (1.216M). For some perspective, last year’s season finale drew 1.105 million. (TV By the Numbers)
  • Mixed Numbers For MLB on FOX: The August 13 edition of MLB on FOX, featuring Rays/Yankees in 63% of markets, drew a 1.7 final rating and 2.793 million viewers — down a tick in ratings but up 3% in viewership from last year (ATL/CHC*: 1.8, 2.721M), and down 26% and 21%, respectively, from 2009 (NYY/BOS*: 2.3, 3.539M). (via Robert Seidman, TV By the Numbers)
  • MLB on FOX Hits Near-Record in Pittsburgh: This past Saturday’s edition of MLB on FOX drew a 7.2 rating on Pittsburgh FOX-affiliate WPGH, the market’s second-highest rating ever for a regular season MLB telecast on the network. Pittsburgh received the Reds/Pirates game, which went to 7% of markets. Overall, Pittsburgh was the third-highest rated market for Saturday’s telecast window, behind St. Louis (STL/CHC: 10.0) and Milwaukee (MIL/NYM: 10.2). (bizjournals.com)

(Asterisk indicates featured game of regional window)