Ratings: ‘The T.O. Show’, MLB on FOX, Pittsburgh Pirates

Posted by | August 23, 2011 at 11:09 PM

Recent sports TV ratings news, including the season premiere of The T.O. Show and local and national ratings for Major League Baseball on FOX.

  • T.O. Show Premiere Down: Season three of The T.O. Show premiered with 1.508 million viewers on VH1 Monday night, down 7% from last year’s season premiere (1.632M), but up 24% from the series premiere in 2009 (1.216M). For some perspective, last year’s season finale drew 1.105 million. (TV By the Numbers)
  • Mixed Numbers For MLB on FOX: The August 13 edition of MLB on FOX, featuring Rays/Yankees in 63% of markets, drew a 1.7 final rating and 2.793 million viewers — down a tick in ratings but up 3% in viewership from last year (ATL/CHC*: 1.8, 2.721M), and down 26% and 21%, respectively, from 2009 (NYY/BOS*: 2.3, 3.539M). (via Robert Seidman, TV By the Numbers)
  • MLB on FOX Hits Near-Record in Pittsburgh: This past Saturday’s edition of MLB on FOX drew a 7.2 rating on Pittsburgh FOX-affiliate WPGH, the market’s second-highest rating ever for a regular season MLB telecast on the network. Pittsburgh received the Reds/Pirates game, which went to 7% of markets. Overall, Pittsburgh was the third-highest rated market for Saturday’s telecast window, behind St. Louis (STL/CHC: 10.0) and Milwaukee (MIL/NYM: 10.2). (bizjournals.com)

(Asterisk indicates featured game of regional window)