Viewership Rises For MLS All-Star Game


The 2011 MLS All-Star Game had a modest increase in viewership on ESPN.

The MLS All-Stars’ loss to Manchester United in the MLS All-Star Game earned a 0.5 U.S. rating and 781,000 viewers on ESPN2 July 27, up a tick in ratings and up 9% in viewership from last year (0.4, 716K), and up 67% and 61%, respectively, from 2009 (0.3, 484K).

For some perspective, the match earned a higher rating and more viewers than last year’s MLS Cup (COL/DAL: 0.4, 748K, ESPN).

In addition, the MLS All-Star Game outdrew the recent WNBA All-Star Game (0.5, 756K). The WNBA game aired on broadcast network ABC on a Saturday afternoon.

(This year’s numbers from Son of the Bronx)