NBA Cancels Preseason Games Through October 15


For only the second time in its history, the National Basketball Association has canceled games due to a labor dispute.

In the first of what figure to be several cancellations over the next few months, the NBA on Friday canceled 43 preseason games and postponed the start of training camp. The preseason games were to take place between October 9 and 15.

Owners began a lockout of players on July 1, the fourth lockout in league history. This is just the second time that a lockout has resulted in the cancellation of games.

In 1998, the league postponed training camp and canceled the first week of the preseason on September 24 (a Miami Heat/Maccabi Elite game had been canceled on September 10). The remainder of the preseason was canceled on October 6, and the first two weeks of the regular season were canceled a week later.

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  • Andrea Cavalli

     They’ll get a deal by October 15 or something, which would be good enough to save the entire regular season. This has been my original prediction since day 1 and I’m not changing it now.

  • JakeFrankie

    I keep hearing Dan Gilbert (Cleveland Owner) and Robert Sarver (Phoenix Suns Owner) are hurting NBA lockout progress on the Owner’s side. Sarver overpaid for the Suns and now want to blow the system up? If LeBron James stayed in Cleveland Dan Gilbert would have no problem with the current system go away you moron.

    Billy Hunter? What can I say about him, He has his own agenda in this thing. Does he really have the best interest? I don’t believe that He look’s a like a Corrupt Politician.

    Kevin Durant keeps posting on his twitter, How the players won’t give in. Kevin your one of the best players in the league you will be getting paid millions you have nothing to worry about. (Just had to get that out of the way)

    Owners have to “win” this lockout, There insane contracts have made it like this. But the thing is the league can’t lose money anymore. David Stern is the reason of truth in this lockout for sure no matter what his “haters” say. 

    Players had it good from 1999-2011 But things must change now (Owners caused all this mess offering the insane contracts), I care about the NBA making a profit which benefits the league. This lockout is proving how NOTHING was solved in 1999. 

    Players must adjust to what (most) of the owners and league have in mind, The player will have to give in. The league can’t lost millions of dollars for much longer. NBA made money in the 90’s because contracts were as terrible as now for example of terrible contracts from 99-2011

    Eddy Curry-Knicks, Rashad Lewis-Magic, Gilbert Arena’s-Wizards,Joe Johnson-Hawks countless other contracts I could name.

    Sorry for my rant, But It had to be said and I’m back to Sport Media Watch! lol

    • Andrea Cavalli

      jakefrankie, I was wondering what happened to you since I haven’t seen you around here for a while haha (though I haven’t posted much myself since after the NBA season ended). I’m Nbahoops2011 btw.

      • JakeFrankie

        Hey I usually never come after the NBA finals is finished , until the NBA season starts at least. Been watching a lot of “Harwood Classics” games on NBA TV. 

        I don’t mind waiting for the NBA lockout to be finished, I just want the NBA to be ran the right way and for it to make a profit. So we don’t have to deal with this stuff anytime soon.

        Big summer coming up for the NBA again next year, Pretty decent free agent class (2010 was the strongest in history). But this 2012 Class is led by Dwight Howard and Chris Paul plus a few other good one’s.