PGA Tour Agrees to Extension With CBS, NBC


The PGA Tour will remain with broadcast partners CBS and NBC through the remainder of the decade after agreeing to a contract extension with the two networks on Thursday.

CBS and NBC have agreed to a nine-year extension with the PGA Tour through the 2021 season. The extension goes into effect in 2013.

The PGA Tour’s pre-existing cable television contract with The Golf Channel will also expire in 2021.

The particulars of the deal will remain generally the same as in the current contract, which expires in 2012. CBS will continue to air approximately twenty PGA Tour events per year while NBC will televise ten.

One change will have The Golf Channel provide live, concurrent coverage of PGA Tour events televised by NBC. The Golf Channel telecasts would compliment NBC’s coverage.

The contract extension does not impact the television contracts for the four major golf tournaments.

(Information from PGA Tour press release via Fang’s Bites)