Ratings: College Football on FX, WNBA Playoffs, IndyCar From Japan


Recent sports TV ratings news, including college football on FX, the WNBA Playoffs on NBA TV, and the IndyCar Series on Versus.

  • Syracuse/USC Up 50% From Previous Week: FX drew 690,000 viewers for the Syracuse/USC college football game Saturday night, up 50% from an afternoon game the previous week (NEV/ORE: 460K). USC’s win did not finish too far behind ESPN2’s Utah/BYU telecast, which aired in a slightly later timeslot (879K). (The Voice of TV)
  • More WNBA Playoff Ratings: Game 2 of the Fever/Liberty WNBA playoff series earned 40,000 viewers on NBA TV last Saturday afternoon. Later that night, Storm/Mercury Game 2 drew 57,000. Both games were topped by the CFL on NFL Network (TOR/SAS: 70K) and United States Women’s Soccer friendly on Fox Soccer (USA/CAN: 63K). (The Voice of TV)
  • Double-Digit Drop For IndyCar’s Japan Finale: Sunday’s IndyCar Series Indy Japan 300 drew 112,000 viewers on Versus, down 38% from last year (181K), and down 43% from 2009 (197K). This year marked the final edition of the race. (The Voice of TV, Sports Business Daily)
  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/2SXUVOZCVS455CPRNXAXBMH2SE James

    What’s funny is that the Lingerie Football League has beat all of these programs, now I’ll give the sports on NBA TV, NFLN, and Fox Soccer the benefit of the doubt b/c those networks have limited audiences but LFL on MTV 2 has been averaging over 200K viewers almost every Friday Night.

    LFL might need to graduate to a better network and increase its audience even more. I really believe that it can overtake the WNBA as the top women’s league in the country in the future.

    • Dcarr

      I don’t think you can compare the ratings for a women’s sporting event to those for a “sports entertainment” program that features women in lingerie.  A women’s sporting event features women competing to win a game.  A sports entertainment program masquerades as a competition but is really about something else (in this case, scantily clad women). 

      Lingerie Football League ratings should be compared to other programs that primarily feature nearly naked women.