More Ratings: Notre Dame Hits NBC Record Low


Final ratings for Week 6 of the college football season, including a record low rating for Notre Dame football on NBC, mixed numbers for ABC’s tripleheader (includes Oklahoma/Texas), and a double-digit drop for Florida/LSU on CBS.

  • NBC Sinks to Lowest Notre Dame Rating Ever: The October 8 Air Force/Notre Dame game on NBC earned a paltry 1.1 and 1.587 million viewers, down 39% in ratings and 40% in viewership from NBC’s third Notre Dame telecast last year (STAN/ND: 1.8, 2.641M), and down 62% and 64%, respectively, from 2009 (WSH/ND: 2.9, 4.447M). The telecast ranks as the lowest rated Notre Dame telecast ever on NBC. The previous low was a 1.2 for Duke/Notre Dame in November 2007.
  • Mixed Week 6 Numbers For ABC: The Week 6 college football game between #3 Oklahoma and #11 Texas earned a 4.3 final rating and 6.533 million viewers on ABC October 8, down 25% in ratings and viewership from 2009, the last time the teams played in the Noon ET window (OU/TEX: 5.7, 8.713M). Later in the day, regional action featuring Iowa/Penn State earned a 3.5 and 5.367 million viewers, flat in ratings and down 3% in viewership from last year (MSU/MICH*: 3.5, 5.502M), and down 17% and 16%, respectively, from 2009 (WISC/OSU*: 4.2, 6.373M). In the nightcap, the Ohio State/#14 Nebraska Saturday Night Football game drew a 3.6 and 5.639 million viewers, up 16% in ratings and 12% in viewership from last year (FSU/MIA*: 3.1, 5.053M), and up 29% and 23%, respectively, from 2009 (MICH/IOWA: 2.8, 4.584M).
  • Steep Drop For Florida/LSU: Over on CBS, the #17 Florida/#1 LSU game drew a 3.2 and 4.912 million viewers, down 33% in ratings and 36% in viewership from last year (ALA/SC: 4.8, 7.662M), and up 3% and even, respectively, compared to 2009 (ALA/MISS: 3.1, 4.904M).

(This year’s numbers from Media Life Magazine; previous Notre Dame record low from

  • Actionjackson

    Such comparisons are specious unless the same teams played each other the same week last year.

  • Jpost

    Due to growing parity in college football and enhanced entrance requirements, I believe Notre Dame is unlikely to regain its status as a perennial powerhouse. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to see NBC drop the Irish — or significantly lower the payout — when the contract ends in 2015. As such, I believe Notre Dame would be best served — athletically and academically — by joining the Big 10. And the geography is perfect.