NLCS: Ratings Improving, But Still Down, For Cardinals/Brewers Series


Though the numbers have improved from the first two games, the Cardinals/Brewers National League Championship Series continues to trail previous years.

The Cardinals’ Game 5 win over the Brewers earned a 3.4 U.S. rating and 5.461 million viewers on TBS Friday night, down 17% in ratings and 11% in viewership from Game 5 of last year’s ALCS on TBS (TEX/NYY: 4.1, 6.107M), and down 32% in both measures compared to Game 5 of the 2009 NLCS on TBS (LAD/PHI: 5.0, 7.978M).

Last year’s game aired on a Wednesday afternoon; the 2009 game aired on a Wednesday night.

Compared to Game 5 of last year’s NLCS on FOX (PHI/SF: 6.9, 11.196M), which aired on a Thursday night, Friday’s game was down 51% in ratings and viewership.

Game 5 ranks as the second-highest rated, second-most viewed game of the series, behind only Thursday’s Game 4 (3.7, 5.650M). The past three games of the series have averaged a 3.3 rating, up 65% from a 2.0 for the first two.

Locally, the game earned a 28.9 rating in St. Louis, down 7% from Game 4 (31.1). The game drew a 21.4 rating in Milwaukee, down 26% from the previous game (28.8).

(This year’s numbers from Turner Sports)

  • Rich S.

    So it looks like the NBA’s conference finals will outrate MLB’s championship series this year. How often does that happen?

    • Paulsen

      This would be the second time in three years, I believe.

  • Elvira

    Maybe the commentary is part of it. What a couple of boobs….so sick of their constant discounting one team even though they are winning….Yes I am a Cardinal fan.

  • Anonymous

    I think the commentary is surely part of that. Joe Buck particularly has never been appreciated by Baseball fans. In part is due to the fact that the NBA has some marketable stars Baseball doesn’t have. I don’t see particular responsibilities for it: it’s the nature of the Game, Baseball is more about the team and the fondness of its fan base.
    Basketball is in a good moment (except for owners-players relationships), for it owns personalities like LeBron James, who can have on fans the attractivity that in Baseball no players and only teams like the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox are able to produce. Add the facts that in recent years the Lakers (the Yankees of Basketball) have had a lot of success on the field and that Basketball playoffs haven’t to face competition from NFL, with no important games played on Fridays and Saturdays. MLB is showing to have much more parity than most people are inclined to admit. Much more parity than each of the other Big four, I add.
    There are a plurality of reasons: things have to be put in the right context and, I think, everything will be clearer.

    • JakeFrankie

      MLB probably has the most parity, But it isn’t helping the rating. Like you said Yankees and Red Sox are the mega draws in the MLB. 

      People will always pick NFL over MLB, A lot of people find MLB very boring to watch. The Median age of the viewers watching the MLB playoffs is much older than the one that was watching the NBA playoffs.