Week 5 Wrap: FOX Singleheader Down From Last Year


Ratings and viewership dropped by double-digits for the Week 5 NFL singleheader window on FOX.

Regional NFL action featuring Eagles/Bills in 29% of markets earned a 9.9 final rating and 16.006 million viewers on FOX October 9, down 15% in ratings and 17% in viewership from last year (GB/WSH*: 11.6, 19.314M), but up 4% and 2%, respectively, from 2009 (DAL/KC*: 9.5, 15.709M).

The telecast ranks as the lowest rated, least-viewed singleheader window since Week 1 (BAL/PIT*: 9.1, 15.496M, CBS).

For the week, the singleheader window was the second-lowest rated, second-least viewed NFL teleccast.

(This year’s numbers from Media Life Magazine)