World Series: Game 6 Earns Series-High 13.8 Overnight


The penultimate game of the 2011 World Series soared to a series-high on FOX.

The Cardinals’ extra-inning Game 6 win over the Rangers drew a 13.8 overnight rating on FOX, down 10% from from 2009 (PHI/NYY G6: 15.5), the most recent Game 6 of the World Series.

Overnight ratings for Giants/Angels Game 6 in 2002, the last non-clinching Game 6, were not immediately available. The 2002 game earned an 11.8 final rating.

The 13.8 overnight is the highest for any World Series game since the aforementioned Game 6 in 2009, and the highest for a game that did not involve the Yankees since 2007 (BOS/COL G4: 14.3).

Prior to Game 6, the highest overnight of the Rangers/Cardinals series was a comparably mediocre 10.1 for Sunday’s Game 4.

Final ratings for the first five games of the 2011 World Series declined between 9% and 12% from the overnight, putting Thursday’s game on pace for a final rating in the 12.1 to 12.6 range.

Again excluding series involving the Yankees, Game 6 will more than likely finish as the first World Series game since 2007 to earn a double-digit final rating.

For some perspective, Game 6 of the Mavericks/Heat NBA Finals earned a 15.0 overnight on a Sunday night. Unlike their baseball brethren, the Mavericks closed out the series.

(This year’s numbers from Sports Business Daily)

  • Youngwerther23

    I think the excitement of Game 6 will more than make up for the fact that Game 7 is gonna fall on Friday. Everybody in the sports world is talking about transpired last night…it was that incredible. Predictions for Game 7 range from 14.5-17.5 depending on how close the game is. If it goes into extra innings, you could have more than 35 million viewers watching the last moments…

  • davd

    I don’t know much about ratings but don’t you expect the viewership to be significantly greater than these ratings for game 6? I’m sure there are plenty of people who probably didn’t start watching till 10pm ET or later. 

    • Paulsen

      Game 7 should comfortably draw more than 25 million viewers. I think there’s a good chance it tops the BCS title game (27.4M). 30 million viewers seems a bit much, though. It’ll probably be the least-viewed World Series Game 7 ever, but MLB and FOX will certainly not be complaining.