Ratings: Week 12 College Football Final Ratings (ABC, CBS, NBC)


Catching up on some college football numbers delayed by the Thanksgiving holiday, including a season-high for college football on ABC, a steep decline for the SEC on CBS, and a slight bump for the season finale of Notre Dame football on NBC.

  • Season High For College Football on ABC: The November 19 edition of Saturday Night Football, featuring USC’s upset win over #4 Oregon, earned a 6.1 final rating and 9.744 million viewers on ABC — up 53% in ratings and 51% in viewership from Week 12 last season (NEB/TAMU*: 4.0, 6.454M), and up 61% and 60%, respectively, from Week 12 in 2009 (ORE/ARI*: 3.8, 6.094M). Earlier in the day, regional action including #21 Penn State/Ohio State drew a 4.5 and 6.791 million, up 7% in ratings and 4% in viewership from last year (OSU/IOWA: 4.2, 6.559M), and up 50% and 48%, respectively, from 2009 (PSU/MSU*: 3.0, 4.602M).
  • Mississippi State/Arkansas a Stinker For CBS: The Mississippi State/#6 Arkansas game drew a mere 1.9 final rating and 3.059 million viewers on CBS November 19, down 41% in ratings and 39% in viewership from last year (MISS/LSU: 3.2, 5.017M), and down 35% and 31%, respectively, from 2009 (LSU/MISS: 2.9, 4.448M). The game earned the second-lowest numbers of the season for an SEC game on CBS, ahead of only Florida/#13 South Carolina in the Noon window a week earlier (1.7, 2.617M).
  • NBC Ends Notre Dame Coverage on Uptick: NBC’s seventh and final Notre Dame telecast of the season — the November 19 Boston College/Notre Dame game — earned a 1.6 final rating and 2.321 million viewers, up a tick in ratings and 1% in viewership from the network’s seventh telecast last year (UTA/ND: 1.5, 2.302M), but down 16% and 17%, respectively, from the seventh such telecast in 2009 (NAVY/ND: 1.9, 2.809M).
  • spacejam

    I’m calling it right now. LSU-Alabama II has an outside shot at 40 million viewer. We’re about to be in for a whole month of hype for this unprecedented, first-of-its-kind game. Will BCS Championship settle in as the Super Bowl’s little brother?