NBC, CBS, Reportedly Jockeying For Patriots/Broncos Game


The recent success of the Denver Broncos has apparently prompted a squabble between NFL rightsholders NBC and CBS.

According to multiple reports, NBC would like to use flexible scheduling to swap the currently scheduled Week 15 Ravens/Chargers game with Patriots/Broncos. CBS, which currently has the rights to televise the game, is opposed.

As a result, the NFL has yet to announce the flexible scheduling decision for Week 15, an announcement that would ordinarily have taken place on Monday. The Boston Globe reported Tuesday night that a decision will come down on Wednesday.

CBS and FOX are allowed to protect certain telecasts from being shifted to primetime. However, according to Fang’s Bites, CBS has already protected Jets/Eagles in Week 15.

The Broncos, winners of five straight games, have become an attractive television property as of late.

(Information from Denver Post, Boston Globe, Fang’s Bites)

  • Schmolik

    If CBS was dumb enough to protect the Eagles game, they deserve to lose Tebow and Brady to SNF.

  • salaciouscrumb

    The protections had to be in by week 5 so protecting eagles wasnt dumb.

  • http://twitter.com/black_bile mark coale

    I suspect this will end with the NFL muscling in and moving the Pats game to NBC>

  • Anonymous

    The original Week 15 schedule remains unchanged. Patriots-Broncos airs on CBS in most of the country as the second half of a doubleheader. Ravens-Chargers stays on NBC, though if that game is not sold out by next Thursday it can’t be shown in southern California. (A Chargers blackout affects not just San Diego but also Los Angeles and Palm Springs.)