Divisional Round: Fifteen-Year High For Giants’ Upset of Packers


The end of the Packers’ title defense earned the best overnight for a Divisional Round NFL playoff game since the late 1990s.

The Giants/Packers NFC Divisional Round game earned a 27.4 overnight rating on FOX Sunday afternoon, up 5% from last year’s comparable game (NYJ/NE: 26.2, CBS), and up 19% from the comparable game in 2010 (NYJ/SD: 23.1, CBS).

The 27.4 overnight is the highest for an NFL Divisional Round game since the 1996-97 season (DAL/CAR: 28.6*). The previous fifteen-year high was set by last year’s aforementioned Jets/Patriots game on CBS.

* According to FOX, the 1997 Cowboys/Panthers game drew a 28.6 overnight. However, previous reports indicated that the 1997 game had a 28.5 overnight.

(Sunday’s numbers from Bloomberg News)

  • Mason

    So now we know the possible Super Bowl matchups, and it’s obvious which one the networks are rooting for.

    I’ll say it right now: a closely contested Patriots-Giants SB could threaten the all-time mark of 49.1 (set back in 1982).

    49ers-Ravens would be the least desired matchup…it could dip into the high 30s if the game turns into a blowout.

    Do you guys agree? What do you think about the conference championships this weekend?

    • Hrana Cc

      I think Ravens-Giants would be the lease deisred match up they met up in Super Bowl 35 and the game was boring.

      With Ravens-49ers match up you get the Harbaugh brothers coaching against each other which would be interesting. I agree that Patriots-Giants would be the prefered match up for NBC.

    • Paulsen

      I have to agree with the others here — Ravens/49ers would do quite well because of the brother-related hype. I would think Ravens/Giants would be the worst case scenario, with Patriots/Giants being the best case scenario.

  • Ryan

    But 49ers / Ravens would be Harbaugh Bowl II – there’s plenty to hype in that as well. It would definitely stay above 40.

  • Mason

    Yeah, I think you guys are right about Ravens-Giants. Still, I really don’t think the Harbaugh hype would translate into bigger numbers; as coaches, they don’t actually play against each other (like Eli and Peyton would), and both of them are still relatively new. If Bill Belichick had a brother, or if Rob Ryan became a head coach and faced off against Rex, it would be a different story…