More Viewers Watching NHL on NBC, NBCSN


Entering the league’s All-Star Break, viewership for the 2011-12 NHL regular season has increased on NBC and NBC Sports Network.

So far this season, NHL games have averaged 1.36 million viewers on the NBC broadcast network, up 9% from last year.

The January 14 Blackhawks/Red Wings game — the network’s first non-holiday telecast of the season — earned a 0.9 final rating and 1.399 million viewers, up a tick in ratings and 16% in viewership from the network’s first non-holiday telecast last season (PHI/CHI: 0.8, 1.207M), and up 29% and 41%, respectively, from the first non-holiday telecast in 2010 (CHI/DET: 0.7, 996K).

Over on NBC Sports Network, which was Versus for the first three months of the season, games have averaged 330,000 viewers this season — up 13% from last year. The network’s exclusive Wednesday and Sunday night games have averaged 467,000 viewers, up 17% from exclusive games last year.

Ratings/Viewership For NHL on NBC
So far this season

Date Result Net Rating Viewers (000)
Fri., 11/25/11 DET 3, BOS 2 NBC
Sun., 1/1/12 NYR 3, PHI 2 NBC
Sat., 1/14/12 CHI 2, DET 3 NBC
Sun., 1/22/12 WSH 3, PIT 4 NBC
1.1 overnight

(This year’s averages from NBC Sports Group press release via Fang’s Bites, with additional information from Media Life Magazine)

  • Jeffjccs3

    50 million nfl 1 million hockey!

  • Mr.Magoo

    What exactly is your point that more people watch the NFL then MLB, NBA, NCAA/BCS NASCAR, Tennis, Golf and yes the NHL.

     Breaking news ” The Pope is Catholic” No seriously your attempt to bash the NHL by comparing it to the NFL has no worthy point. It’s as informative as me saying the ” SKY IS BLUE”. 

     I would also point out you probably have never lived in a northern city such as Detroit (Red Wings get better ratings then Pistons), Chicago, Buffalo,  or Pittsburgh where after the Steelers the Penguins are the #2 team not the Pirates.

     That you care little more people in Boston watched the Bruins win the Stanley Cup in 2011 then the Boston Celtics did in 08 . Because that wouldn’t fit into your view that some how the NHL is dying. As you get all your facts from the  anti Hockey diatribe being spouted by ESPN and FOX radio hosts.