Mavericks/Knicks Earns 4.8 Overnight Rating on ABC, Third-Best For Non-Christmas Game


The hype surrounding the New York Knicks resulted in near-record numbers for ABC Sunday afternoon.

Sunday’s Mavericks/Knicks NBA regular season game earned a 4.8 overnight rating on ABC, the network’s third-highest overnight for a non-Christmas regular season game since acquiring rights to the league in 2002.

Only Lakers/Cavaliers in February 2009 (5.0) and Celtics/Lakers in January of last season (5.0) earned better numbers.

The 4.8 overnight is easily the highest ever for an early game on ABC (start time before 2 PM ET), again excluding Christmas Day games.

The game earned an impressive 10.3 rating in the New York market, translating into 760,944 households — more than double what NBA TV has averaged nationally for regular season games.

Later in the day, the Magic/Heat regular season game drew a similarly impressive 4.3 overnight, tied as the fifth-highest for a non-Christmas game on ABC.

Three of the ten highest non-Christmas regular season overnights on ABC have taken place this calendar year alone. Six of the ten have occurred over the past two seasons.

10 Highest Regular Season NBA Overnights on ABC
Excluding Christmas Day games

(Monday’s numbers from ESPN)

  • JakeFrankie

    Great number as expected which is great for the NBA.

    Paulsen the Knicks local ratings have been up 70% this season, Then Since the Lin stuff started the ratings has been up 200% from what I hear. PLUS MSG and Time Warner have agreed to deal. Are you going to post anything about the Knicks local ratings?

    • Paulsen

      I’ve already posted several articles about the Knicks’ ratings on MSG this season.

  • Hrana Cc

    I will be interested to see the television ratings when the Knicks play the Heat this week even though the game is TNT cable.