Heat/Lakers Earns ABC’s Best Non-Christmas NBA Overnight Rating


ABC earned strong numbers for a star-studded NBA doubleheader on Sunday.

Sunday’s Heat/Lakers NBA regular season game earned a 5.2 overnight rating on ABC — up 33% from last year (LAL/SA: 3.9), and up 86% from 2010 (LAL/ORL: 2.8).

The 5.2 overnight is the highest for a non-Christmas NBA regular season game on ABC since the network acquired rights to the league in 2002 (146 telecasts). The previous high was a 5.0 overnight for Celtics/Lakers in January 2011 and Lakers/Cavaliers in February 2009.

In addition, the 5.2 ranks as the second-highest overnight for a non-Christmas regular season NBA game on any network since the current television deal began in 2002. Only Heat/Celtics in October 2010 (5.6, TNT) drew a better overnight.

Earlier in the day, Knicks/Celtics drew a 4.3 overnight — up 19% from last year (CHI/MIA: 3.6). There was no comparable game in 2010.

The 4.3 overnight is tied as the sixth-highest for a non-Christmas regular season game on ABC.

Locally, Sunday’s games were the second-highest rated ever on ESPN/ABC in the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale (MIA/LAL: 13.9) and New York (NY/BOS: 9.6) markets.

Highest Regular Season Overnight Ratings For NBA on ABC
Excluding Christmas Day games

(Sunday’s overnight ratings obtained from ESPN)

  • JakeFrankie

    Amazing it will be the highest rated non-Christmas Day ABC game every, Great news for the NBA the past 3 years the NBA ratings have been the best in history. (regular season one’s) Great to see because this is some of the best basketball the league has seen. The earlier game Knicks vs Celtics was great too heading into OT, In my opinion if the Heat play the Knicks in the Eastern Semifinals or ECF I really think it has a chance to get on the level off Heat vs Bulls ECF 2011 from last year. 

    Paulsen I got a question for you, How do you rate the Clippers drawing power in the NBA. They are becoming a powerhouse, Led by one of the most popular players in the NBA Blake Griffin and now adding Chris Paul. They are in the 2nd Biggest Market in America, they are in the town of the most popular NBA team. Are the Clippers drawing power as good as the Mets in New York and White Sox in Chicago? (Other Secondary teams in HUGE Markets)

    • Paulsen

      Haven’t seen the Clippers’ averages this season, but from what I understand their ratings are up substantially. I’ll see about comparing the Clippers’ numbers to the Mets and White Sox.

      • JakeFrankie

        Clippers game attendance over the year’s was not as bad some might think, A lot of the people who would go to Clippers game were Lakers fans who where priced out of going to Lakers game because of there INSANE ticket prices. For the local rating’s They have a 137.7% increase in ratings (Only Timberwolves and Thunder have bigger increases), They have added 58,000 viewers from last season. Clippers have the 5th highest number of viewers (average) for ANY NBA team at 102,000. 

        Also Clippers have the HIGHEST Road attendance of ANY NBA TEAM (Even bigger than the Heat,Knicks or Lakers) I would assume Paulsen they will be a DECENT NBA Playoff draw, Of Course not at the level of the Lakers who are the “Yankees” Of the NBA. But they are in the 2nd Biggest Market, Like I said in my other post with EASILY one of the top 5-10 Most POPULAR Players in the league in Blake Griffin adding Chris Paul one of the best PG’s. Clippers have to be a very good (underated) NBA rating’s draw. I’m stunned NBA hasn’t put a Clippers game on ABC at all (It could change). I’m sure as long as they go far in the playoffs they will get at least 1 game on National TV, Because this season TNT is hosting the WCF, with ABC/ESPN having the ECF.

  • Hrana Cc

    Could you imagine what the ratings would be if the Heat and Lakers played each other in the NBA Finals.

  • JakeG

    I also had the same question about the clippers? I was also wondering what were the Boston local rating with the celtics on abc and the bruins on NBC interesting to see how they did head to head ?