NBC Replaces Departed Wimbledon With Live Tour de France Coverage


To replace the departed ‘Breakfast at Wimbledon,’ NBC Sports will carry live coverage of the Tour de France this summer.

The NBC broadcast network will televise eight hours of live Tour de France coverage this year, the network announced Wednesday. The telecasts will air from 8 AM to 12 PM ET on July 7 and 8 — not coincidentally the same weekend NBC would have televised the men’s and women’s finals at Wimbledon had the network retained rights to the event.

The two live, morning windows — the first ever for the Tour de France on U.S. broadcast television — will both fill a programming vacancy and also serve as counter-programming to the Wimbledon finals on ESPN.

NBC will also carry taped, two-hour telecasts of the first and last stage of the Tour de France. Coverage of the first stage will air from 4-6 PM ET on July 1, and coverage of the final stage will air from 1-3 PM on July 22.

(Wednesday’s news from NBC press release via TV By the Numbers via Awful Announcing)