Sportswriters Lacy J. Banks, Furman Bisher, Pass Away


The sports media lost two longtime sportswriters this week.

Chicago Sun-Times writer Lacy J. Banks died Wednesday of heart disease, the newspaper’s website reported. He was 68.

Banks had been with the Chicago Sun-Times since 1972, making him the longest-tenured sportswriter on the staff.

Banks dealt with heart and other medical problems in recent years. When the University of Chicago Medical Center sought to place him on their heart transplant list in 2008, doctors discovered a brain tumor and prostate cancer as well. He chronicled his health issues in a Chicago Sun-Times blog.

Banks’ death came days after the passing of retired Atlanta Journal-Constitution writer Furman Bisher.

Bisher died Sunday of a heart attack at age 93. From 1950 to 2009 — a nearly sixty-year span — Bisher worked as a sportswriter for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, continuing to contribute to the paper after his retirement.

(Information and photos from the Chicago Sun-Times, Atlanta Journal-Constitution)