U.S. Open Could Move Men’s Final to Monday Permanently


Rain has pushed the U.S. Open men’s final to Monday afternoon in each of the past four years, and reports now indicate that the Monday final could become permanent.

ESPN.com reported Friday that the United States Tennis Association is in talks to move the men’s final of the U.S. Open to Monday on a permanent basis by 2013, and possibly by this year.

The women’s final would move from Saturday night to Sunday afternoon.

Rain has wreaked havoc on the U.S. Open schedule in recent years. The men’s final has been postponed to Monday afternoon in each of the past three years, and the women’s final has been pushed to Sunday in three of the past four years.

According to the ESPN report, CBS would “likely lobby” for the USTA to retain “the status quo” (espn.com, 3/2). The four Monday afternoon men’s finals have earned ratings of 1.7 (2008), 2.3 (2009), 1.8 (2010*) and 2.3 (2011) — all well below the 3.7 rating for the 2007 final, the last men’s final to air on a Sunday afternoon.

* 2010 rating is for the CBS portion of the match. The match concluded on ESPN2, earning a 1.2 rating.

(Friday’s news from ESPN.com via Sports Business Daily)