Golf Update: Final Rating For Tiger’s Bay Hill Win Up 126%


Tiger Woods‘ first PGA Tour victory of the decade scored a massive increase in television ratings for NBC Sports.

Final round coverage of the PGA Tour Arnold Palmer Invitational drew a 4.3 final rating and 6.530 million viewers on NBC March 25, up 126% in ratings and 132% in viewership from last year (1.9, 2.814M), and up 187% and 214%, respectively, from 2010 (1.5, 2.078M).

The 4.3 rating is the highest for final round coverage of the event since Woods’ previous victory there in 2009 (4.4), and ranks as the fifth-highest rating for the event dating back to 1998.

Since 2000, final round coverage of Arnold Palmer Invitational has earned at least a 3.0 rating in years when Woods won the event — and less than 3.0 in each year Woods did not win.

The Arnold Palmer Invitational continued an impressive streak for the PGA Tour, as it was the eighth straight tournament to have a double-digit increase in ratings and viewership for final round coverage.

Third round action drew a 2.7 and 4.049 million viewers on March 24, up 50% in ratings and 65% in viewership from last year (1.8, 2.462M), and up 108% and 125%, respectively, from 2010 (1.3, 1.797M).

(March 24-25 numbers from Media Life Magazine)