Like Former Partner Walton, Ex-NBC NBA Analyst Jones Has Been Dogged By Health Issues


Ten years ago, Steve Jones and Bill Walton were preparing for their first NBA postseason as the lead game analysts for NBC.

Today, both are recovering from health issues. Walton was forced to retire from ESPN and ABC in 2009 due to chronic back problems, while Jones has suffered through health issues of his own.

In a conversation with Portland, OR, outlet The Outlook last month, Jones noted his ongoing recovery from a litany of health problems that at one point left him wheelchair bound. “I got sick,” he explained, “and I?ve been sick ever since.”

While an NBA studio analyst for ABC in 2005, he suffered a ruptured appendix that caused him to miss most of the playoffs and the NBA Finals. “It was more serious than I thought it was, more serious than the doctor thought it was,” Jones told The Outlook, “They never got all the poisons out, and that created the problems after that.”

Describing himself as currently “on the mend,” Jones was honored by the Trail Blazers on April 1st.

Jones last worked NBA games during the 2007-08 season for the now-defunct Seattle Supersonics.

(News from The Outlook)

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