Stanley Cup Playoffs: Penguins/Flyers Earns 2.3 Overnight, a Ten-Year High


An acrimonious battle between in-state rivals propelled NBC to the best overnight rating for an NHL game — excluding the Winter Classic and Stanley Cup Final — in ten years.

Game 3 of the Penguins/Flyers Stanley Cup playoff series drew a 2.3 overnight rating on NBC Sunday afternoon, up 77% from Capitals/Rangers Game 3 in the same timeslot last year (1.3), and up 53% from Coyotes/Red Wings Game 3 in 2010 (1.5).

The 2.3 overnight is the highest for an NHL telecast, excluding the Stanley Cup Final and the Winter Classic, since Avalanche/Red Wings Game 1 on ABC in 2002 (2.4).

Earlier in the day, Predators/Red Wings Game 3 drew a 1.5 overnight.

(Sunday’s overnights from Sports Business Daily, Puck the Media; past data from Puck the Media)

  • James


    2.3 for a first round NHL game is unheard of as I believe this rating topped many of those Stanley Cup Final series from year’s past like the one with the Ducks in 2007.

    The playoffs are red hot, close, and physical so that will really bring people to it.

    Considering this was up against a prime NBA matchup on ABC that was close also this rating is amazing.

    Just imagine if the Pens comeback in the series and how the rating will be next Sunday for NBC. I’m predicting close to 3.0 for that game.

    I think unfortunately for the NHL this matchup came way too early in the playoffs as the Flyers and Sid the Kid are two big ratings draws and one of them will be out but luckily the Rangers, Bruins, and Caps are still candidates to make it to the Eastern Conference part of the playoffs.

  • Clintneff

    NHL is healthy and relevant in the US