Stanley Cup Playoffs: Kings’ Coronation Ends On Higher Note


It still was not a particularly large audience, but the NHL Western Conference final ended with a massive increase on NBCSN.

Game 5 of the Kings/Coyotes NHL Western Conference final drew 1.217 million viewers on NBC Sports Network Tuesday night, up 40% from the clinching Sharks/Canucks Game 5 last year (872K). There was no comparable game in 2010.

Unlike Rangers/Devils, which has suffered double-digit declines for each game on NBC Sports Network, three of the four Kings/Coyotes games on NBCSN had double-digit increases compared to last year.

Game 5 set local ratings records on NBCSN in both Phoenix (5.8) and Los Angeles (2.9), according to Puck the Media.

(Tuesday’s numbers from TV By the Numbers; local numbers from Puck the Media; 2011 numbers from Son of the Bronx)