NBA Finals: Cleveland the Top Neutral Market For Heat/Thunder Series


Outside of Oklahoma and Florida, Cleveland was the top market for the Heat/Thunder NBA Finals.

The five-game Heat/Thunder NBA Finals averaged a 17.6 rating in the Cleveland market, leading all neutral markets for the series, and up 11% from last year’s six-game Mavericks/Heat series (15.8).

Memphis (15.9), New Orleans (14.4), Atlanta (14.2), Chicago (14.1) and San Antonio (14.0) were the other neutral markets in the top ten.

In Seattle, home of the SuperSonics franchise for 41 years before the team moved to Oklahoma City in 2008, the series averaged an 8.9 rating — 40th among the 56 metered markets.

As is customary, Boston was one of the lowest rated markets for the series, placing 50th with a 7.2 average rating.

Oklahoma City led all markets for the series with a 43.8 rating. Miami-Ft. Lauderdale followed with a 33.1, down 2% from last year’s six-game series (33.7). Tulsa, OK (26.9) and West Palm Beach, FL (20.1) were the next highest rated markets.

(Local numbers from ESPN)