NBA Playoffs: Celtics/Heat Game 5 Earns Another Big Overnight For ESPN


Though not as big a draw as Game 4 on Sunday, Game 5 of the Celtics/Heat series earned big numbers for ESPN.

Game 5 of the Celtics/Heat NBA Eastern Conference Finals drew a 7.6 overnight rating on ESPN Tuesday night, up 38% from both Thunder/Mavericks Game 5 on a Wednesday night last year (5.5) and Celtics/Magic Game 5 on a Wednesday night in 2010 (5.5).

Tuesday’s overnight is flat compared to Heat/Bulls Game 5 on TNT last year.

The 7.6 overnight is tied as the third-highest for an NBA game on cable since the current television contract went into effect in the 2002-03 season, trailing Sunday’s Game 4 (7.9) and Bulls/Heat Game 3 on TNT last year (7.7).

Locally, Game 5 drew a 21.5 rating in Miami-Ft. Lauderdale — down 15% from Bulls/Heat Game 5 last year (25.2), but the second-highest rating ever for an NBA game on ESPN in the market. In Boston, the game drew a 19.0 rating.

* UPDATE 6/4/13: Fixed error on OKC/DAL and BOS/ORL overnights.

(Tuesday’s overnight from ESPN)

  • Andrea Cavalli

    Paulsen, I was just curious to see the ratings for playoffs games in Los Angeles involving Lakers and Clippers, just to make a comparison, though I’d think the Lakers easily won. Is there any information about it?

    • Paulsen

      Haven’t seen any local numbers for the Lakers/Clippers in L.A.

      • Andrea Cavalli

        oh no problem..thanks.

  • Bessilver

    I think ratings for Game 6 on Thursday will improve considerably, as many anti-Lebron James/Miami Heat contigent will be tuning in to see the Celtics close out the series. 

  • JakeFrankie

    OKC vs Miami is a dream matchup for many basketball fans. I really wish Miami can come back from being down 3-2 which is possible but going to be very very tough. Also OKC hasn’t advanced just yet, Spurs are a crafty experienced team with plenty of championships.

    • Andrea Cavalli

      I hope to see the Heat making it to the Finals for a few reasons. One, it’s because I’d love to see a Heat/Thunder matchup, which I think would be closer than a matchup involving the Thunder or Spurs vs. Celtics. Another reason is because, as much as I love Durant as a player, I’d love to see LeBron winning his 1st title so we can end this non-sense LeBron haters come up with, which has gotten annoying to be honest (it’s ridiculous the fact people blame ONLY LeBron whenever the Heat lose despite the fact he’s almost always the best player on the court while they tend to give a free pass to Wade, who seemingly can do no wrong, or to the supporting cast they have..if LeBron is not a Heat, Miami doesn’t even get out of the 1st round and that’s a fact); A 3rd reason is because I grew tired of the PETULANCE of Celtics fans who believe everyone is against them despite the fact they’re, by far, the largest market left in the playoffs (Bill Simmons and his “homerrific” tweets too..don’t think I haven’t seen them hahahahaha)..not sure I can handle another two weeks of it; and then because I took part in an nba playoff prediction contest and NEED the Heat to beat the Thunder in the Finals to at least make my score respectable..oh and I also made a friendly bet with my cousin about the Heat….so I have a few interests riding in this series lol.

      • JakeFrankie

        The same Boston fans who the year before the big 3 came together, Chanted “MVP” at Kobe Bryant of there “hated rival” the Lakers. I’m rooting big time for Miami to win game 6 tonight. Take the series to 7 games, If the dream finals comes together Miami vs OKC I don’t care who wins. But if the finals is OKC vs Boston I hope OKC destroys them.

        You actually know basketball. LeBron has been the best player in this playoffs (Besides Durant), But he gets bashed all the time. LeBron has been left to dire with this Heat team this year, He has carried this team on his back. Wade on the other hand is 0-5 I believe in clutch situations the past 2 Postseasons. Wade suppose to be “Mr.Clutch” which is such a joke. Wade is living off his “2006 Title” forever it seems, Even though Mavs were screwed that year by the “Foul Happy” refs.

        Anyways OKC in this playoffs has beaten EVERY Western Conference Final team since 1999 – (Lakers,Spurs and Mavs have only made the finals since that time)

        1st round – Sweeping Champion Mavericks (2 Finals Apperances 06 and 11)
        2nd round – beating Lakers in 5, Lakers won 00,01,02,09 and 10 titles. Were runners up in 04 and 08 (7 apperances all together)
        WCF Finals beating Spurs in 6 (Spurs won 99,03,05,07 Titles 4 apperances)

        OKC has broken the streak is the FIRST TEAM since the Utah Jazz in 1998 to represent the West Conference in the Finals that is not the Lakers or a Texas Team pretty cool stat.

        • Andrea Cavalli

          ^and the same Boston fans who destroy Heat players for flopping but then they give an MVP chant to Rondo for doing the same. Oh well, what can you do?

          Alright, we’ve got a game 7..this is going to be interesting, but I think the Heat pull this one off at this point. Just crazy how the playoffs work, it’s like a roller-coaster. One day you are sore loser and everyone count you out, 24 hours later you’re an hero. One day you wonder whether a team will finish the playoffs unbeaten (the Spurs) and a couple of days later you wonder how old that very same team is.