2012 MLS All-Star Game Down Double-Digits


Viewership fell by nearly a third for the 2012 Major League Soccer All-Star Game.

Wednesday’s MLS All-Star Game drew a 0.34 U.S. rating and 530,000 viewers on ESPN2 Wednesday night, down 26% in ratings and 32% in viewership from last year (0.46, 781K), and down 23% and 26%, respectively, from 2010 (0.44, 714K).

The game ranks as the least-viewed MLS All-Star Game since 2009 (484K).

Earlier in the night, a Liverpool/Roma match from Fenway Park drew a 0.21 and 317,000 viewers on ESPN2. The match attracted an additional 35,000 viewers on ESPN Deportes.

(Wednesday’s numbers from ESPN)

  • sam

    It’s worth saying that the MLS All-Star game went against a replay of Olympic soccer on NBC Sports Network (400k).

    Plus, Chelsea FC is just not as popular as Manchester United. And Chelsea was playing with a lot of new young players and some of the stars were missing.

    • JakeFrankie

      Chelsea might not be as popular as Manchester Untied, But Chelsea are easily one of the top 5-6 most popular clubs in the world. Chelsea are also the European Champions. As the previous poster said it’s nothing more than gimmick. Your seeing Chelsea field a team without there top players in pre-season mode. Chelsea could care less if they win, got a draw or lost. It makes me laugh when some of the Soccer guys on ESPN try to pump this up.

      Being a proud Chelsea fan as I am, For me it can be hard to watch games like this too. Although I love seeing the young talent we got.

  • Stingbee30

    You forgot to mention that Telefutura was also showing the game, Olympic Soccer replay, and a heavy dosage of soccer the whole day (probably caused some to get tired)…

  • Boston Soccer

    Soccer is just better to watch in person. Unless there’s something at stake. Then it doesn’t matter, as long as you can watch the match. The ASG is a gimmick, nothing more. Haters love to lament the low ratings. Soccer is meant to be felt. Its supposed to assault all of your senses. It loses alot of appeal on the TV.