Euro 2012: Over Four Million Viewers For Spain/Italy Final, Up From 2008

Posted by | July 3, 2012 at 5:20 PM

Despite moving from broadcast to cable, the Euro 2012 final scored an increase in ratings and viewership compared to 2008.

The Spain/Italy Euro 2012 final drew a 2.4 U.S. rating and 4.068 million viewers on ESPN Sunday afternoon, up 4% in ratings and 8% in viewership from Spain/Germany on ABC in 2008 (2.3, 3.761M).

The telecast ranks as the highest rated and most-viewed UEFA Euro telecast on ESPN or ABC (dates back to 2008).

Sunday’s increase came despite the loss of several television markets due to inclement weather.

In addition to the English-language audience on ESPN, the Spanish-language broadcast on ESPN Deportes match attracted 699,000 television homes (the equivalent of a 0.6 U.S. rating) and 1.125 million viewers — the largest audience in the history of the network.

The ESPN and ESPN Deportes telecasts combined for 3.398 million TV homes (the equivalent of a 3.0 U.S. rating) and approximately 5.2 million viewers.

Average ratings for the Euro 2012 tournament will be posted shortly.

(Sunday’s numbers from ESPN Media Zone [1], [2])

  • Stingbee30

    Little Typo Paul…The game was on ESPN, not ESPN2….The cable rating amounted to 2.7 rating for ESPN.  The combined cable rating was about 3.4 (ESPN+ESPNDeportes)..

    • Paulsen

      Thanks for catching that. Fixed the error.