No ‘Roundball Rock’ on the Olympics


Olympic basketball will not carry a familiar tune this summer.

NBC will not use the ‘Roundball Rock’ NBA on NBC theme for coverage of USA Basketball during the Olympics, the network told Sports Media Watch Monday.

NBC used the theme for coverage of the Olympics in 2008. The network did not do so in 2004, the first year it carried Olympic basketball after losing NBA rights.

Created by John Tesh, ‘Roundball Rock’ was the theme for NBA coverage on NBC from 1990 to 2002.

(NBC Sports)

  • Andrea Cavalli

    Did NBC use Roundball Rock on its 2008 Olympics coverage? 

    • Paulsen

      In 2008 yes, but not in 2004.

  • Guest

    Will they use their iconic Wimbledon theme for tennis?

    • Paulsen

      I don’t think they would. I haven’t asked them about that, however.

  • JakeFrankie

    Paulsen thanks for posting this and breaking any hope I had I would hear that theme. Sadly I wasn’t able to watch the 2008 Olympics on NBC and listen to theme (due to not being in the country).

    Paulsen keeps us updated if you hear ANYTHING about the theme please lol.