Olympics: Daytime, Late Night Coverage Up Double-Digits


The 2012 London Olympics has not just been a hit in primetime.

Daytime coverage (12-6 PM ET) of the 2012 London Olympics earned a 9.3 rating and 14.9 million viewers on NBC Saturday afternoon, up 19% in ratings and 20% in viewership from Beijing in 2008 (7.3, 12.362M).

The telecast window included the United States/Croatia women’s basketball game, the the United States/South Korea women’s volleyball match, and a beach volleyball match between the United States and South Africa.

Several of the events aired live in the Eastern and Central time zones and on tape delay in the Mountain and Pacific.

For some perspective, Saturday afternoon coverage outdrew marquee events such as the race portion of the Kentucky Derby (9.0, 14.8M), the Daytona 500 (8.0 13.7M), and the final round of The Masters (8.0, 13.5M).

Earlier Saturday, morning coverage (5-9:46 AM) drew a 3.6 and 5.1 million viewers. There was no comparable window in 2008.

The morning telecast included swimming and the first portion of the men’s cycling road race.

NBC did not disclose ratings for the 9:46 AM-12 PM portion of Saturday’s coverage.

Wrapping up the Saturday numbers, late night coverage from 12:30-1:18 AM drew a 4.9 and 7.4 million viewers, up 29% in ratings and 33% in viewership from 2008 (3.8, 5.553M).

(Saturday’s numbers from NBC Sports Group via Fang’s Bites)

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