Wimbledon: Ratings Flat in First Year as All-Cable Affair


Despite losing exposure on broadcast television, the Wimbledon tennis tournament has held steady in the ratings.

Coverage of Wimbledon averaged a 0.5 U.S. rating on ESPN and ESPN2 through Monday, flat compared to coverage on NBC and ESPN2 last year.

The first week was highlighted by Saturday’s ten-hour telecast window on ESPN, which drew a 0.9 U.S. rating — the highest for a telecast on the first Saturday of the tournament on ESPN/ESPN2 since 2007.

For comparison purposes, NBC’s four-hour ‘middle Saturday’ telecast last year drew a 1.1 rating.

Though ratings have remained flat overall, ESPN and ESPN2 have had double-digit increases in several of the key male demographics prized by advertisers, including a 20% rise among men 18-49.

(This year’s numbers from ESPN Media Zone)