Wimbledon: Wednesday’s Action Up Big on ESPN, ESPN2; Ratings Remain Flat Overall

Posted by | July 6, 2012 at 4:22 PM

The loss of longtime partner NBC has not had much of a negative impact on ratings for Wimbledon.

Coverage of Wimbledon averaged a 0.6 U.S. rating and 727,000 viewers on ESPN and ESPN2 through Wednesday, flat in ratings and down 2% in viewership compared to coverage on NBC and ESPN2 last year (0.6, 742K).

Despite the generally flat numbers overall, ESPN and ESPN2 did post large gains on Wednesday.

Coverage on ESPN and ESPN2, which at times aired simultaneously, combined for a 1.0 U.S. rating and 1.354 million viewers Wednesday afternoon — up 43% in ratings and 51% in viewership from comparable action on NBC and ESPN2 last year (0.7, 895K). Keep in mind Wednesday was a national holiday.

(Tournament-to-date numbers from ESPN, ESPN Media Zone)

  • Carribe22

    Just another great event gone the way of PAY television. I don’t have cable. I can understand paying for HBO. You know exactly what you are going to get. Great programming and no commercials. But why am I going to pay $35-70 to some company to delivery a hundred channels that all get paid handsomely by commercial advertizers anyway??? I am not going to pay to watch a bunch of channels that already make billions from the commercials they blast us with every seven minutes. Shame on ABC for not broadcasting these finals live. At least NBC knew that the world wouldn’t come to an end if they altered the Meet the Press schedule just one Sunday a year. Do they really think the fate of the free world rests on another episode of This Week With George Stephanopolous???  Nothing personal against George but ABC’s call on this one was as bad as some of the tennis line judges from the 70′s.       

  • Mrles397

    Murray will show great courage in the Wimbledon Final and Scotland will be Proud to see him WIN!

  • Slmoore0906

    I am very upset that I woke up on Saturday at 6am to watch women’s final, only to find it was not being aired on NBC. I do not have any cable television. So I had to fire up my computer to find where I could watch the final. My computer is in my office with an uncomfortable chair for long time viewing. Not my first choice location to watch my favorite tennis tournament. Don’t understand what happened to NBC’s coverage. Didn’t know at the the time that ABC would be showing the match again later.  Why did this change have to happen – as an ex pat. Wimbledon is a tradition for me, I dont appreciate the change.