Fewer Than Two Million Viewers For NFL Hall of Fame Game


Opposite the Olympics and relegated to NFL Network, the first Hall of Fame Game in two years did not garner much of an audience Sunday night.

The 2012 NFL Hall of Fame Game, pitting the Saints against the Cardinals, drew just 1.971 million viewers on NFL Network Sunday night — down 83% from Cowboys/Bengals on NBC in 2010 (11.438M), and down 75% from Bills/Titans on NBC in 2009 (7.920M).

Last year’s Hall of Fame Game was canceled due to the NFL owners’ lockout of players.

Sunday’s telecast, which aired opposite the Olympics on NBC, drew fewer viewers than rain delay coverage of the NASCAR Pennsylvania 400 on ESPN (2.395M).

(This year’s viewership from TV By the Numbers)

  • Pigskin28

    That’s bs. Don’t believe it for a moment. Am a Directv subscriber, most hardcore sports fans use DirecTV. The what’s hot tv app which tracks real subscribers dial had the game as #1 ahead of even the olympics. Are you telling me there were less than 2mil Directvfans watching tv? On a sunday? Please.
    A new way of trcking must be implemented. This ridiculous guessing game is just outdated.

  • H.R. Pufnstuf

    Pigskin your shrill defense of a meaningless exhibition game as being more watched then prime time Olympic coverage comes across as ludicrous. Your trying to convince and sell everybody on the idea that more then 31.3 million viewers who watched the Olympics that night. 17.5 TV rating that night on NBC is only behind the 1996 (23.4) Atlanta Olympics for a comparable Sunday night.