World Series: Bad Start For Tigers Giants; Game 1 Earns 8.8 Overnight


The 2012 World Series got off to a rough start in the overnights.

Game 1 of the Tigers/Giants World Series drew an 8.8 overnight rating on FOX Wednesday night, down 8% from Rangers/Cardinals Game 1 last year (9.6), and down 15% from Rangers/Giants Game 1 in 2010 (10.4).

The 8.8 overnight is the second-lowest ever for Game 1 of the World Series. Only Cardinals/Tigers Game 1 in 2006, which aired on a Saturday night, earned a lower overnight (8.6).

In addition, the 8.8 is the lowest ever for any World Series game that did not take place on a Saturday night. The previous low was a 9.2 overnight for Phillies/Rays Game 2 in 2008.

The Giants’ comfortable victory likely played a role in the lower numbers. Monday’s overnight peaked early at a 9.7 from 9-9:30 PM and 9:30-10 PM ET. From 11-11:30 PM, the game averaged a 7.5.

Game 1 was the fifth consecutive Major League Baseball playoff game in which the final margin of victory was at least five runs. All five games involved the Giants.

In Detroit, Game 1 drew a 33.2 rating, up 2% from 2006 (32.5). The game drew a 32.3 in the Bay Area, down 10% from 2010 (35.9).

To put Wednesday’s numbers in perspective, Game 1 of the Heat/Thunder NBA Finals earned an 11.8 overnight rating on ABC in June, and Game 1 of the Kings/Devils Stanley Cup Final drew a 2.4 on NBC.

(Wednesday’s overnight from Sports Business Daily)

  • Jeffrey

    Regarding the comparison to Game 1 of the NBA Finals, that game featured Lebron James and Kevin Durant, among other high-profile players. Major League Baseball still cannot market its top players to save its life. The NBA has this down pat. Now, I understand young fans of the current generation relate to NBA stars more than baseball stars. But we may be watching (or not watching, judging by the ratings) the two MVP’s of 2012 in this World Series. Miguel Cabrera won the Triple Crown (and somehow did it relatively quietly) and Buster Posey is about as fine a young player as you’ll find in the game today. MLB needs to find a way to make this known to casual fans and make us care. Nothing wrong with Fox playing the History of the Game card–it’s such a big part of the game’s appeal. But the league and its TV partners need to understand that it’s 2012.

  • Sportswatcher

    Really disappointing. Lets hope for a long WS…

  • ZabriskiePt

    Too many lopsided games this Postseason. That hurts the ratings like no other factor.
    It would be interesting, when the final numbers will be available, to compare how many viewers the Game had at the beginning, compared to the same data for Game 1 last year. I guess the difference is very little, showing how one-sided contests make no good to MLB and Fox.

  • marco undo

    Is MLB in trouble in terms of there ratings falling behind the NBA? Ratings seem to be getting worst regardless of who it is Yanks or Red Sox?

    • Paulsen

      I’ve said this before, but these things are cyclical. The NBA isn’t going to stay this hot forever, and MLB will eventually get a good matchup again.

      With that said, the NBA is definitively ahead of Major League Baseball on a national level right now. Regular season, playoffs, you name it. On a local level, it’s a different story.

      This series could still do well if it goes six or seven games.

  • Jim

    No more Fox. Joe BucK is the problem.