2012 Chase For the Cup Ties Record-Low Average Rating


After an uptick last year, NASCAR’s Chase For the Cup fell back to record-low levels.

The 2012 Chase For the Cup averaged a 2.7 U.S. rating and 4.2 million viewers on ESPN and ABC, down 13% in ratings and 12% in viewership from last year (3.1, 4.763M), and flat in ratings and down 7% in viewership from 2010 (2.7, 4.494M).

The 2.7 rating is tied with 2010 as the lowest ever for the Chase For the Cup (dates back to 2004). Complete historical viewership for the Chase was not available, but it is likely that this year’s edition ranks as the least-viewed ever.

Of the nine Chase races that can be compared to last year, eight had a decline in ratings and all nine had declines in viewership.

Year-to-year comparisons were not available for the season-opener from Chicago, as last year’s version of the race was rained out. Compared to the equivalent 2010 race, however, the Chicago opener was also down.

The highest rating of the Chase was a 3.2 for the Talladega and Charlotte races. Talladega ranked as the most-viewed race, with 5.113 million viewers.

The Loudon and Dover races were the lowest rated of the season, each earning an all-time Chase record low 2.2. The Loudon was as the least-viewed of the season, with 3.517 million viewers.

Average U.S. Ratings For the Chase For the Cup
Dating back to inaugural edition in 2004

(2012 season average from ESPN)

  • pamotorman

    no one is watching because there is no reql racing till the last 50/100 laps because the high paid drivers have a agreement not to rough each other up. brad screwed this up in the chase by racing hard from lap one and jimmie and chad were not ready for that. we will see if brad is as aggressive next year as this year because i am sure NASCAR talked to him about how you race in cup.

  • http://www.facebook.com/MGTNFRL.COMMISH Michael Tilghman

    Its not surprising. NASCAR clearly needs to listen to the fans alittle more. Drop the top 35 or 36 and make it the fastest 43 cars are in race. They want better racing then let each car be a chevy, ford or toyota not all look the same.