NCAA Week 10: Oregon/USC Helps FOX Beat ABC For First Time


While college football on FOX was trounced by CBS Saturday night, the network got a moral victory by topping ABC’s “Saturday Night Football” for the first time.

Last Saturday’s Oregon/Southern Cal college football game drew a 2.8 final rating and 4.505 million viewers on FOX, up 75% in ratings and 79% in viewership from Kansas State/West Virginia two weeks ago (1.6, 2.521M), and up 75% and 80%, respectively, from Southern Cal/Washington three weeks ago (1.6, 2.508M).

The game ranks as the second-highest rated (tie) and second-most viewed of the season on FOX, trailing only West Virginia/Texas in week six (2.9, 4.555M).

For the first time this season, final ratings and viewership for college football on FOX topped ABC’s “Saturday Night Football” head-to-head. ABC’s Oklahoma State/Kansas State game drew a 1.9 and 2.873 million viewers.

With that said, Oregon/USC was trounced head-to-head by Alabama/Louisiana State on CBS (6.8, 11.349M).

Final ratings/viewership for Saturday’s early game on FOX, TCU/West Virginia, were not immediately available.

(Last Saturday’s numbers from Sports Business Daily)