NFL Week 12: CBS’ Texans/Lions Game Leads the Way on Thanksgiving


On Thanksgiving Day, the Cowboys, Jets and Patriots took a backseat to the Texans and Lions.

The Week 12 Texans/Lions NFL regular season game drew a 15.2 overnight rating on CBS Thanksgiving Day, down 4% from Packers/Lions on FOX last year (15.8), but up 1% from Patriots/Lions on CBS in 2010 (15.0).

The 15.2 is the third-highest for an NFL game on Thanksgiving Day dating back to 1998, trailing only both games last year. In addition, the 15.2 is the second-highest for a Thanksgiving Day game on CBS over that same span.

Texans/Lions earned the highest NFL overnight of Thanksgiving Day, topping Washington/Dallas on FOX and Jets/Patriots on NBC.

Overnight Ratings For Early Thanksgiving Day Game
Past decade

(Thursday’s numbers from CBS Sports press release via Fang’s Bites)

  • James

    WOW! I never realized before 2010 that the Lions games between 2002 and 2009 were all under 15.0 so these Lions games since they’ve become a more competitive team have been up.

    I’m not surprised at all that this was the highest rated game of the day as it was easily one of the best games of the season if not the best as it was a rare competitive Thanksgiving game that went deep into overtime.

    It just shows you how much the NFL can benefit when the Lions are good. Hopefully they bounce back hard next season.

    The Texans for a team with no history is starting draw some national attention and this could be a good tenant for the Super Bowl representing the AFC this year.