Cowherd Leaving ESPN’s “SportsNation”


One of the more divisive ESPN personalities is leaving the network’s “SportsNation” talk show.

ESPN radio talker Colin Cowherd will leave “SportsNation” in January, ESPN announced Tuesday. He will be replaced by Marcellus Wiley.

In addition to the change in host, “SportsNation” will also change venues. The show will leave ESPN’s Bristol, CT headquarters and relocate to the network’s Los Angeles studio.

Current co-host Charissa Thompson will remain with the show. Cowherd, meanwhile, will continue to host his ESPN radio program.

(Tuesday’s news from ESPN Media Zone)

  • Dylan Gaffney

    Sportsnation is gone. Cow and Beads were it. Charissa was a step down but alright. This is just horrid. R.I.P. SportsNation

  • Gary Sartori

    Never much cared for the show to begin with!!

  • Matthew C Greschl

    Charissa is terrible … My gf pointed out how annoying she is and ever since I can’t stand her!

  • Sasha Simpson

    I stop caring about this Show when Michelle left.

  • lay lay

    Woody paige would be money!!

  • Skippy08136

    The Show? not the same show I fell in love with. No beadle, no cowherd just rename it, sports nation to me is dead!!!!!!