ESPN Responds to National Tragedy


In the wake of yet another deadly mass shooting, ESPN has established guidelines on how the network’s personnel should respond to the tragedy.

ESPN has instructed personnel to refrain from posting about sports-related news on the social network website Twitter through Sunday, according to an internal memo obtained by Deadspin.

The network has also instructed on-air personalities to acknowledge the tragedy at the start of programming. For example, the ESPN talk show “Pardon the Interruption” opened without the usual introduction Friday, and host Tony Kornheiser gave a brief comment about the tragedy.

ESPN shows will also display reaction from around the sports world to the tragedy, in part to help “soften the difficult transition as best we can” (ESPN, 12/14). As should be clear, there is obvious difficulty in reporting the trivialities of sport on a day when 20 schoolchildren lost their lives.

(via Deadspin)