2013-14 English Premier League Schedule on NBC

The national television schedule for the 2013-14 English Premier League season on the NBC Sports Group. Click here to jump to the schedule.

The NBC family of networks will begin televising EPL matches for the first time this season, with telecasts airing on NBC, NBCSN, CNBC, Telemundo and mun2. As of August 6, only the first three months of the TV schedule have been released.

NBC’s EPL coverage will debut on August 17, with Stoke/Liverpool on NBCSN at 7:45 AM ET. The NBC broadcast network will open its coverage with Manchester United/Swansea the same day at 12:30 PM.

2013-14 EPL on NBC Schedule

Asterisk (*) indicates that one match will air on NBCSN, another on mun2, and the remainder on NBC’s “”Premier League Extra Time”” service.
Time (ET) Away Home Network
Saturday, August 17
7:45 AM Stoke Liverpool NBCSN
10:00 AM Aston Villa Arsenal NBCSN, mun2
10:00 AM Everton Norwich "Extra Time"
10:00 AM Fulham Sunderland "Extra Time"
10:00 AM Cardiff West Ham "Extra Time"
10:00 AM Southampton West Brom "Extra Time"
12:30 PM Man. United Swansea NBC, mun2
Sunday, August 18
8:30 AM Tottenham Crystal Palace NBCSN
11:00 AM Hull Chelsea NBCSN
Monday, August 19
3:00 PM Newcastle Man City NBCSN
Wednesday, August 21
2:30 PM Aston Villa Chelsea NBCSN
Saturday, August 24
7:45 AM Arsenal Fulham NBCSN, mun2
10:00 AM West Ham Newcastle NBCSN
10:00 AM West Brom Everton "Extra Time"
10:00 AM Sunderland Southampton "Extra Time"
10:00 AM Norwich Hull "Extra Time"
10:00 AM Crystal Palace Stoke "Extra Time"
12:30 PM Liverpool Aston Villa NBC
Sunday, August 25
11:00 AM Swansea Tottenham NBCSN, mun2
11:00 AM Man City Cardiff "Extra Time"
Monday, August 26
3:00 PM Chelsea Man. United NBCSN
Saturday, August 31
7:45 AM Hull Man City NBCSN
10:00 AM Fulham Newcastle NBCSN
10:00 AM Everton Cardiff "Extra Time"
10:00 AM Stoke West Ham "Extra Time"
10:00 AM Swansea West Brom "Extra Time"
10:00 AM Southampton Norwich "Extra Time"
12:30 PM Sunderland Crystal Palace NBC
Sunday, September 1
8:30 AM Man. United Liverpool NBCSN, Telemundo
11:00 AM Tottenham Arsenal NBCSN, mun2
Saturday, September 14
7:45 AM Crystal Palace Man. United NBCSN, mun2
10:00 AM Arsenal Sunderland NBCSN, mun2*
10:00 AM Man City Stoke
10:00 AM Norwich Tottenham
10:00 AM Newcastle Aston Villa
10:00 AM West Brom Fulham
10:00 AM Cardiff Hull
12:30 PM Chelsea Everton NBC, mun2
Sunday, September 15
11:00 AM West Ham Southampton NBCSN
Monday, September 16
3:00 PM Liverpool Swansea NBCSN
Saturday, September 21
7:45 AM Aston Villa Norwich NBCSN
10:00 AM Tottenham Cardiff NBCSN, mun2*
10:00 AM Southampton Liverpool
10:00 AM Everton West Ham
10:00 AM Sunderland West Brom
10:00 AM Hull Newcastle
10:00 AM Swansea Crystal Palace
12:30 PM Fulham Chelsea NBCSN, mun2
Sunday, September 22
8:30 AM Stoke Arsenal CNBC, mun2
11:00 AM Man. United Man City NBCSN, Telemundo
Saturday, September 28
7:45 AM Chelsea Tottenham NBCSN, mun2
10:00 AM Man City Aston Villa NBCSN, mun2*
10:00 AM West Brom Man. United
10:00 AM Cardiff Fulham
10:00 AM West Ham Hull
10:00 AM Crystal Palace Southampton
12:30 PM Arsenal Swansea NBC
Sunday, September 29
8:30 AM Norwich Stoke NBCSN
11:00 AM Liverpool Sunderland NBCSN
Monday, September 30
3:00 PM Newcastle Everton NBCSN
Saturday, October 5
7:45 AM Everton Man City NBCSN, mun2
10:00 AM West Ham Tottenham
NBCSN, mun2*
10:00 AM Crystal Palace Liverpool
10:00 AM Newcastle Cardiff
10:00 AM Stoke Fulham
10:00 AM Aston Villa Hull
10:00 AM Swansea Southampton
12:30 PM Man. United Sunderland NBCSN, mun2
Sunday, October 6
8:30 AM Chelsea Norwich NBCSN
11:00 AM Arsenal West Brom NBCSN
Saturday, October 19
7:45 AM Liverpool Newcastle NBCSN
10:00 AM Southampton Man. United NBCSN, mun2*
10:00 AM Norwich Arsenal
10:00 AM Cardiff Chelsea
10:00 AM Hull Everton
10:00 AM Sunderland Swansea
10:00 AM West Brom Stoke
12:30 PM Man City West Ham NBC
Sunday, October 20
11:00 AM Tottenham Aston Villa NBCSN, mun2
Monday, October 21
3:00 PM Fulham Crystal Palace NBCSN
Saturday, October 26
7:45 AM Arsenal Crystal Palace NBCSN
10:00 AM Stoke Man. United NBCSN, mun2*
10:00 AM West Brom Liverpool
10:00 AM Hull Tottenham
10:00 AM Everton Aston Villa
10:00 AM West Ham Swansea
10:00 AM Cardiff Norwich
12:30 PM Fulham Southampton NBCSN
Sunday, October 27
9:30 AM Man City Chelsea NBCSN, mun2
12:00 PM Newcastle Sunderland NBCSN
Saturday, November 2
8:45 AM Chelsea Newcastle NBCSN
11:00 AM Man. United Fulham NBCSN, mun2*
11:00 AM Norwich Man City
11:00 AM Sunderland Hull
11:00 AM Aston Villa West Ham
11:00 AM Southampton Stoke
11:00 AM Crystal Palace West Brom
1:30 PM Liverpool Arsenal NBC, mun2
Sunday, November 3
8:30 AM Tottenham Everton CNBC
11:00 AM Swansea Cardiff NBCSN
Saturday, November 9
10:00 AM Fulham Liverpool NBCSN, mun2*
10:00 AM Everton Crystal Palace
10:00 AM Stoke Swansea
10:00 AM Cardiff Aston Villa
10:00 AM Hull Southampton
10:00 AM West Brom Chelsea
12:30 PM West Ham Norwich NBC
Sunday, November 10
7:00 AM Newcastle Tottenham NBCSN
9:05 AM Man City Sunderland NBCSN
11:10 AM Arsenal Man. United NBCSN, Telemundo
Saturday, November 23
7:45 AM Liverpool Everton NBCSN, mun2
10:00 AM Southampton Arsenal NBCSN, mun2*
10:00 AM Swansea Fulham
10:00 AM Sunderland Stoke
10:00 AM Norwich Newcastle
10:00 AM Crystal Palace Hull
12:30 Tottenham Man City NBC, mun2
Sunday, November 24
8:30 AM Chelsea West Ham NBCSN
11:00 AM Man. United Cardiff NBCSN, mun2
Monday, November 25
3:00 PM Aston Villa West Brom NBCSN
Saturday, November 30
7:45 AM Man. United Tottenham NBCSN, Telemundo
10:00 AM Swansea Man City NBCSN, mun2*
10:00 AM Arsenal Cardiff
10:00 AM Stoke Everton
10:00 AM Sunderland Aston Villa
10:00 AM Fulham West Ham
10:00 AM Crystal Palace Norwich
12:30 PM West Brom Newcastle NBC
Sunday, December 1
8:30 AM Liverpool Hull NBCSN
11:00 AM Southampton Chelsea NBCSN

(Schedule info from NBC Sports Group Press Box)